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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Five Perks
 Pack A Punch: This will cost you 5,000. Why this is so much it that it upgrageds your gun.It makes the gun have more amo, and better kill damage.But be carful if you run out of amo after you upgrade it will cost you alot.
Location: Lobby On first stage when you facing the window on your left behind the bar

 Jugger-Nog:This will cost you 2,500 points.This helps when you run by a zombies if they hit you . You'll have better chance staying alive.
Location: You have to link the pads and turn them on then go to the thearterd and hit (x) it will take you to it .
 Double Tap Root Beer:This will cost 2,000 points. This just helps your wepons fire faster speed.Best to use this for low weapons to make them better.
Location: Out side beside the gate

Quick Revive: It will cost you 500. now that is for solo play. if you play co-op it will cost 1500.(you can get this three time after that it go away). Try to spce it out..

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